Sony PlayStation Network to undergo maintenance tomorrow

If you have a hankering to download a new game or movie from the PlayStation Store during the day tomorrow, you might be out of luck. However, if you have logged into the PlayStation Network within the last four days, you will still be able to play online games as well as access online video streaming apps including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. It's a consolation from Sony so that gamers can still access some PSN services.

"Regular maintenance is a necessary part of operating a service such as PSN. As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3 and PS Vita devices, we will be performing maintenance on the network on Thursday, May 24th," Sony announced on the official PlayStation Blog. The company said that maintenance will begin at 8:00 AM Pacific Time or 10:00 AM Eastern Time. Obviously those times are not the same thing, but we're assuming Sony meant to say 11:00 Eastern Time.

Users can avoid complete shutdown of PS3 Internet connectivity if they log into their PSN account now, or any time before the service goes into maintenance mode. Anyone who has logged in as of five days before the maintenance begins will also still be able to play online games and connect to certain online apps. Anyone who has not logged on recently, however, will be shut out of everything until the maintenance is complete, which is scheduled for 2:00 AM Eastern Time on Friday.

[via PlayStation Blog]