Sony PlayStation 3D monitor to miss Christmas shopping season (barely)

I know that my PS3 is sitting there all ready to play 3D games whenever I want to or to allow me to watch 3D flicks as well. I also know that I am in no way ready to buy a 3D TV at this point. The sets are still not cheap enough or good enough for me to think about upgrading the living room. If you feel the same, but you really have a desire for some 3G gaming on the cheap you might want to consider the PlayStation 3D monitor.

Sony has now set the release date for the screen and glasses combo for your PS3 and the price is $499. The little 24-inch screen isn't exactly big screen gaming, but it will support 3D. You get the 24-inch screen, a pair of active 3D glasses and a cool 3D game called MotorStorm Apocalypse. That game is pretty cool we have it and play 2D style around my house.

The launch date for the screen has been set at December 31. That is a very odd launch date to me; I wonder why they didn't offer it on November 31 or at least before Christmas. I am sure this kit would be on some shopping lists if available. The display has dual HDMI inputs and is made to support SimulView so two players can each see a different image on the screen and has integrated speakers.

[via 3D-dispaly-info]