Sony PlayStation 3 Could be Backwards Compatible Again, Thanks to Peripheral

It's no secret that the original versions of the PlayStation 3 from Sony were backwards compatible. You could enjoy plenty of PlayStation 2 titles, right from your shiny new next generation console, without actually having to own a PS2. But, with the revamp of systems, new hard drives were introduced in different size capacities, and with them, backwards compatibility went to the wayside.

But, if you've been hoping that the ability to play PS2 titles would come back some day, Sony has heard your quiet prayers. Maybe. Thanks to a new patent unearthed, it looks like Sony is, at least at some point or another, playing around with the idea of introducing a new peripheral that will let you play PS2 titles again, right from the PS3 (kind of).

Sony took out the backwards compatible feature from current generation PS3s because of cost (and probably more reasons than that), so it will be interesting to see if a real product even exists, or will ever exist. The big question would be: does anyone still have PS2 games that they'd want to play? The PS3's library is strong enough now that many folks would probably like to stay in the present, and not so much in the past. Then again, some titles are just too classic to forget. Plus, you can still play PlayStation titles.

[via TG Daily]