Sony plans to close its stores in Canada soon

Sony has been shaking things up, and amidst its business moves and rumors of upcoming business tweaks is an announcement that the company will be closing its stores in Canada. Sony made the announcement earlier today to its employees at the stores — as it turns out, they'll have only a handful of weeks to find new jobs as the shops close up. The news was confirmed in a statement by Sony to The Citizen, and in it the company says it'll be redirecting sales elsewhere.

How many jobs in the nation will be affected by the closure hasn't been specified, but a total of 14 Sony Stores will be closed down in the next six to eight weeks. Taking their places will be a redirection to a "telesales team", Sony's online store, and the company's various retailers.

It's no secret that Sony has been working to rehash itself in recent times, including selling off its Vaio business and tweaking its television operations. Yesterday word surfaced via sources that the company is also open to selling many of its segments.

That information was provided to Reuters, though it should be taken lightly as nothing official has been stated about it. Still, given the company's other efforts and its financial position, as well as the announcement of its store closures, the plausibility is certainly there.

SOURCE: Ottawa Citizen