Sony Pictures tipped to name North Korea as cyberattack source

The cyberattack against Sony Pictures has been ongoing since it first appeared last week, effectively bringing the studio to a halt by taking over its corporate network and, later on, leaking data following threats of such. Though Sony has been relatively quiet on the matter, the FBI recently released a warning about a malicious software attack in the United States, something believed to be a reference to the Sony breach. In that FBI report — obtained by Reuters — it was said some of the software used by the hackers had been compiled in Korean.

That revelation served to further speculation that North Korea was behind the attack in retaliation for the upcoming Sony feature The Interview, which revolves around the CIA tapping a couple of journalists for a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

A few days after the attack, Re/code reported that Sony Pictures was looking into North Korea as the possible source of the breach, and now they're reporting that the studio will be making an official announcement in the near future confirming that speculation.

The information is said to come from two sources who are "close to the investigation", and the announcement could be made as soon as today. Says these sources, Sony and Mandiant, a security firm, are finalizing the details for the announcement. If the announcement is made, it will be the first official statement on what went down.

SOURCE: Re/code