Sony Pictures signs deal for Twisted Metal movie

The game franchise that is easily known more for its explosions, mayhem, and radical vehicular combat than it is its masterful storytelling will be turned into a motion picture. This news comes just a matter of days after a long-awaited sequel in the PlayStation series was released for the PS3. At the helm of the movie project is Brian Taylor.

Taylor is not a household name, but he gained fame as the co-director of Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance. He will be the man in charge of not only directing the Twisted Metal flick but also creating the story. That story will kind of need to be built from the ground up, since Twisted Metal doesn't have an enormous backstory that's expressed in its games. According to reports, the movie will center around an underground racing circuit.

No doubt that underground network will somehow lead to violence and mayhem. Twisted Metal poster child David Jaffe posted a message on Twitter that poked fun at the idea of a theatrical adaptation of his game. In it, he said the "Twisted Metal movie will contain no story. Because from what I hear I hate stories. That is all :) ." But then again, if the board game Battleship can be turned into a live-action thriller, then why not?

[via NY Daily News]