Sony Pictures Breach Confirmed, 37,500 Users Affected

It seems like every week Sony manages to stay in the news not so much for its awesome gaming products but for its security breaches. The PlayStation Network woes may be over for now, but just last Thursday, Sony Pictures was attacked by hackers. Today, Sony confirmed the attack and gave some figures on the damage.

The hacker group behind the attack is Lulz Security, which is known for attacking various high profile networks to embarrass rather than to actually steal and use the user data. After the attack last Thursday, Lulz Security was said to have compromised the personal data of over 1 million accounts, and had published the personal data of an estimated 39,000 users on the web for all to see. The data included email and password combinations and even home addresses and date of births.

Sony today confirmed that the personal information belonging to 37,500 users have been compromised as a result of the attack on Sony Pictures last week. Sony assures that no credit card numbers were stored on their servers, but that information such as names, genders, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and username and passwords were indeed stolen.

[via BGR]