Sony patent surfaces with odd tablet/Wii U style controller art

If you think back when the current consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 hit the market, Sony was left playing catch-up and tacked on a rarely used motion control feature of the PS3 to try and match what the Wii had. If the sketches that are included new Sony patent that surfaced are any indication, Sony isn't ready to let the new Wii U rocking controllers with little LCD screens get the better of it this time around. The Sony patent art is very odd; it shows something that looks more like a tablet or even an eReader then a Wii U controller.

Line art shows a tablet style controller that has some kind connectivity with a sensor on top of the TV. The set-top sensor connects to the console, which looks very much like the current Nintendo Wii in the artwork. Making things even odder, one of the pictures with the patent shows what appears to be the gamer turned into a robot with a laser gun in the tablet controller screen. The smart thing would be to use the PS Vita rather than some other controller, which is what this patent appears to be showing.

Engadget reports that patent text outlines a "position-dependent gaming, 3-D controller, and handheld as a remote," that acts like an "input for video game."" I really don't want to make this; it is very odd. I am not surprised Sony is trying to go this route; it doesn't want to be left out on a new and hot feature that Nintendo will be using. What do you think? This could be part of that Sony four screen strategy.

[via Engadget]