Sony Party-shot auto digicam dock gets video demo

Sony's Party-shot automatic camera dock has been doing its thing, impressing the Crave Asia team with its ability to track movement and home in on faces for the perfect photos.  Announced last week, along with the new Cyber-shot TX1 and WX1 digital cameras, the Party-shot is a table or tripod-mounted dock which can automatically pan and tilt to locate people.Video demo after the cut

Once its found someone, as you can see in the video below, it uses face tracking and smile shutter to zoom in on them and snap a photo.  Sony expect the Party-shot to be useful at, well, parties, even if – as Crave Asia mournfully point out – you have so few friends that you have to get a member of staff to cross the frame.

Unfortunately, the biggest thorn in the Party-shot's heel is its limited compatibility; right now you'll need either the TX1 or WX1 in order for it to work, and then the dock itself is $150.  Altogether you're looking at $500 minimum, which is a pretty hefty outlay.