Sony outs new DPF-XR100, DPF-VR100 and DPF-D830 digital photo frames

Sony has trotted out a trio of new digital photo frames for those with lots of digital pics that they want to show off. The new digital frames include the DPF-VR100, DPF-XR100, and the DPF-D830. Both the XR100 and VR100 frames have AVCHD video playback capability and WSVGA resolution LED backlit screens.

The D830 is the first battery operated digital photo frame allowing it to be placed wherever you want in the home or office. The XR100 and VR100 have 10.2-inches screens and internal image processor inside to handle the high-resolution photos and HD video cameras are capable of producing today. The frames also have a special Sweep Panorama mode to let you show off those panoramic shots that the Sony digital cameras can shoot today.

The D830 is the first digital photo frame that is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. That battery can power the frame for 100 minutes with photo playback only. It has an 8-inch SVGA LED backlit screen. All three frames have 2GB of internal storable. The three frames will ship in November with the XR100 for $250, the VR100 for $200, and the D830 for $150.