Sony offers official numbers on PlayStation family sales for Christmas 2011

One of the biggest sales periods of the year for most gaming and electronics firms is Christmas. Sony has offered up the official sales numbers for the Christmas season of 2011 that is just behind us. According to the company, it moved a total of 6.5 million PlayStation devices combined during the shopping season. That total includes the PS Vita, PS2, PS3, and PSP.

Sony notes that the PS Vita has so far sold 500,000 units since it launched in Asia and Japan. The PS3 consoles sold well during Christmas as well. The PS3 console moved 3.9 million units worldwide and Sony thinks it will hit the sales goal of 15 million units be the end of its fiscal year in March. Sony also sold 1.7 million units of the move motion control system.

As old as the PS2 is, the console is still selling around the world. Sony reports that it sold 500,000 units globally. The Vita is the new Sony portable, but the PSP is still on the market right now. The PSP sold over 1.6 million units during the holiday season. That adds up to some impressive sales for Sony for the Christmas season 2011.