Sony noncommittal to 3D gaming on PS3

It seems that 3D gaming could possibly be on its way to the Playstation 3 – that is, if Sony feels like it, along with countless other "if's".  The company showed off a demo of 3D gaming for the PS3 but remained adamant that the demo was not a "proper" demonstration.

In fact, those working the booth are said to have been repeating this line countless times – "This is only a look at what 3D could look like if Sony decided to move in this direction."  So, as far as 3D gaming goes on the PS3, Sony won't tell us whether this is legitimately on the way or whether this just research.

True 3D gaming seems like the next logical step in the progression of video games, and many other companies demoed 3D-enabled displays, 3D glasses and software made to be played with both.  On the console side, Sony could get a real jump on the competition if they brought 3D to a current generation console.  Will they bring 3D to the Ps3?  We'll have to see.