Sony NGP to be priced at $350 and $250?

We already know that the cool sounding Sony NGP will come in two models. The difference between these two will be one has 3G and the other will lack 3G. What we don't know is what the actual price of the portable game systems will be. Ubisoft has conducted a survey of users to see how likely they will be to buy a NGP.

That survey had some prices noted in it that point to what might be the actual selling price of the portable console when it lands. According to the survey the standard model will sell for $250 and the 3G version will sell for $350. The survey was conducted on Ubisoft's behalf by research firm Toluna.

Where exactly the prices came from is unknown. Sony hasn't offered up official pricing yet. It is conceivable since Ubisoft is a major game publisher that those may be the real prices. At the same time they could be pre conjecture on Ubisoft's part.

[via Kotaku]