Sony NGP Backwards Compatibility Confirmed And Detailed

The Sony PSP successor codenamed the NGP is expected to debut at the upcoming E3 2011 conference. When the NGP was first announced, it was said that the device would be able to play previously downloaded PSP games. At a press event today, Sony has gone further to confirm and detail this backwards compatibility.

The NGP will not only be compatible with PSP games, but will also offer an optimized experience for each game. The PSP titles will automatically be smoothed and upscaled, but the option to optimize can also be toggled on and off. Furthermore, the NGP will support dual analogue sticks, which is feature long requested.

Recently, there were rumors that the Sony NGP may actually be named the Vita, after some advertising graphics showing the device emblazoned with the name turned up along with a new subdomain with the name Vita. The E3 conference kicks off on June 7, so we'll find out all the details very soon.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]