Sony PS Vita name for NGP tipped via PlayStation site source code

No one will argue that Sony needs a new portable console. The PSP has never sold as well as the competition, even when it was new, and the new 3DS is now here and doing well. Sony needs a new portable to compete and the Sony portable we know now as the NGP has been tipped to be officially called the PS Vita when it launches.

Sony's own PlayStation website has code inside the reinforces the rumored Vita name for the new portable when it lands. You can see the source code in the image above and note the PS Vita shout outs in the red box. Before you get too excited, you can't access those sub directories listed. If you try, you will see a 404 error.

Joystiq notes that this is the second time the PS Vita name has been spied on a Sony website. The first time the name was spotted was on the Sony Developer site. We recently reported that the specs of the NGP are being cut back already in an effort to get the portable closer to the price of the 3DS. I hope that doesn't mean that Sony is focusing on price more than performance for the NGP/Vita.

[via Joystiq]