Sony NEX-5 stock reaches UK retailer

UK camera specialists Jessops have announced that they have the "first UK stock" of the Sony NEX-5, with the 14.2-megapixel interchangeable lens camera priced at £589 ($868) complete with the 18-55mm zoom lens.  In addition, they have the NEX-5 16mm/18-55mm kit on offer – which comes with the zoom lens and a fixed lens – for £679 ($1,000).

The NEX-5 is still listed for pre-order on Sony's own SonyStyle online store, along with its NEX-3 sibling.  While the NEX-5 is capable of 1080i HD recording, the NEX-3 is limited to 720p at most; more details and full specifications here.

Still undecided on the NEX-5?  Check our review round-up back from the digital camera's launch.

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