Sony new VAIO teaser campaign: netbook announcement January 9th?

Sony New Zealand have begun a teaser campaign for a new VAIO laptop.  The promotion, which promises an announcement on January 9th, is titled "The Wait Is Over" and uses the tagline "On the 9th of January you will change the way you look at laptops. Forever."

An obvious assumption is that this is Sony's build-up to announcing their new netbook, recently spotted at the FCC with EVDO and HSPA connectivity and a long, thin form-factor.  However the phrasing of the tagline – particularly the way "you will change" has been expressed, rather than the more usual "we will change" – suggests the announcement could have something to do with a new display technology, perhaps learning from Sony's experience of epaper with its Reader device.

The teaser site also offers the opportunity to win the new device, whatever it is.  Expect to see it taking pride of place at CES 2009, however; we'll make sure to stop by the Sony stand and bring you all the details.

[thanks Dave!]