Sony NAS-SC55PKE and NAS-E35HD HiFi HDD stereos - they look so pretty

Sony GIGA JUKE is a set of products with the goal of offering up the benefits of hard drive storage for your music without the use of the PC. Granted these things are nearly computers themselves with the SC55PKE having and LCD screen, WiFi, a 16x CD-ROM for ripping, and an 80GB HDD.

The E35HD would be like the extension unit of the SC44PKE. It will work on its own, but it lacks the WiFi and large color LCD and it also has built in speakers and drops the storage down to 35GB, but, the SC55PKE also has the ability to stream music to up to 5 other "zones" or units such as theE35HD.

Now, if you aren't sure what the WiFi is for, it serves two purposes. The first being to connect it to your network for streaming to other devices, the second is to beam music directly to other devices including your PSP and you can even transfer music to your Walkman MP3 Player or Walkman phone from the SC55PKE, no PC needed. Both units also have radio tuners and iPod docks as well. No Word on Price or availability.

[via akihabranews]