Sony mulling cloud gaming purchase

Here's an interesting little rumor: Sony is reportedly looking into streaming game services, and more specifically aiming to acquire either Gaikai or OnLive. Information has pointed towards Sony purchasing a cloud gaming company and announcing the buy at its E3 conference this coming Monday. Sources have told MCV that Sony is poised to sign an agreement with "a high profile cloud gaming firm."

Sources indicate that the deal is close to being signed, and it has far reaching implications for the Japanese company. It would enable Sony to potentially offer PlayStation games on devices other than its consoles, such as Smart TVs, phones, and tablets. Gaikai recently partnered with NVIDIA and LG to bring its game streaming service to televisions, and that could be what Sony is hoping to do with a purchase of such a company.

It makes sense, with Sony already invading homes with televisions, tablets, and smartphones, so why not use them? The company has tried to PSOne games on Sony smartphones, and devices like the Xperia Play failed to take off, but unifying PlayStation games that would work across all Sony hardware thanks to streaming would be a smart play. Whatever happens, Sony is expected to reveal all at its E3 press conference on Monday June 4th. The live press conference will kick off at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

[via Edge]