Sony Motion Sonic gesture-based music effect generator lands on Indiegogo

Crowdfunding continues to be a significant source of new product launches not only for the small independent developers that were initially envisioned to use the platforms but also for massive corporations such as Sony. Sony has revealed a new product called Motion Sonic aimed directly at musicians, DJs, and other performers. The product has landed on Indiegogo seeking support from those interested in it with the goal of raising a little over $79,000 with 31 days to go on the project.

So far, ten people have backed the project with pricing at around $218. The total money raised so far is $2220. The device is a bit difficult to explain and will be available in the US and Japan for iOS devices. It's designed to help creators expand their creative reach with electronic musical instruments. Motion Sonic has a sensor that can tell when a performer gestures with their hand and can change the sound in pitch, vibrato, or modulation depending on the movement.

If a DJ uses Motion Sonic when the DJ raises their hand, a delay can be added to the music output. Motion Sonic is a system featuring a wearable motion sensor and a paired smartphone application. The sensor in the wearable device detects movement and transfers it to the smartphone app using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth signal connects to the instrument via an audio interface to actualize the desired sound effects.

Sony says the effects generator was developed to enable sound manipulation with body movements and to give artists a new creative dimension. Sony is offering the first 400 buyers the opportunity to purchase at $219. After the first 400 units are sold, the price for the Motion Sonic increases to $249. The funding campaign ends on June 28, and Sony expects to ship the Motion Sonic in March 2022. Sony is also working on new microphones under the Motion Sonic program that will amplify wind noise. The goal is to enable additional ways to harness body motion for sound.