Sony missed out on PS4 and PS Vita versions of Titanfall

We all know that the game Titanfall is an exclusive for the Xbox and PC. You can't get the game on any Sony consoles now and may not ever be able to. Sony did have a chance to get Titanfall on the PS4 before the exclusive agreement was signed by Titanfall developer Respawn with Microsoft. Reports have surfaced that indicate Respawn reached out to Sony before signing that exclusive agreement.

Respawn reportedly asked for PS4 target specs, but were told that Sony wasn't ready to offer those details. Rather than simply turning Respawn away, Sony asked if they could help make a PS Vita version of the game. Clearly Respawn declined that offer.

These new details about the game came from the Titanfall Final Hours App that is available for the iPad, Windows Surface tablets, and PC. That app offers some details behind the scenes action of the game and its development. One of the things reveled in the app is some of the bitterness between Activision and Respawn focusing on Vince Zampella and Jason West that resulted in a lawsuit.

The app reveals that nearly half the company would be pulled away from development into meetings with the legal team that would last hours. An interesting tidbit about an early version of the game has also surfaced that claims until a bit over a year ago, gamers in multiplayer matches always spawned in a Titan. The player only spawned as a human pilot after they died.

SOURCE: Eurogamer