Sony mirrorless camera gets snapped in Asian bar

I guess after a long day at the office even gadget designing engineers and workers need a beer. Recently some of those beer swilling folks have taken along the gadgets they are working on. The infamous loss of the iPhoen HD prototype in a California bar was not too long ago and now that new Sony mirrorless camera we talked about last week has been spied in a bar in Asia.

The pictures are small and certainly don't offer much in the way of detail on the camera. The cam is said to be the NEX3 and in the picture is wearing a 16mm f/2.8 pancake lens. The lens reportedly has internal image stabilization rather than having image stabilization in the camera to keep the size of the camera down.

The camera is expected to get an official unveil on May 11 and a NEX5 mirrorless camera is also expected on the same day. Pricing is expected to be very competitive with the micro four thirds cams on the market. The NEX3 is also said to record video in 720p with the NEX5 capable of recording 1080p video.