Sony Micro Vault MACH USB 3.0 Flash Drive revealed

There's a new USB in town, and with it you'll see the oncoming wave of devices made to slot in with it for speeds never before associated with those three letters: Sony brings with it this week its Micro Vault MACH USB 3.0 Flash Drive. This sleek ninja of a memory stick comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 64GB capacities and is able to hit 120 MB/s read / 90 MB/s write for transfers. This device has an aluminum body on the outside, retractable USB connector on one end, and LED indicator on the other.

This little monster might not seem all that fabulous to you if you're not someone who uses such devices on the regular, but what it contains for those of us who need to transfer information back and forth quickly is the most massively awesome little bit of aluminum and contained board capable of holding all the music in the world ever! Think of how many movies you could hold on a 64GB USB stick, for goodness sake! Each drive also comes with a five-year warrantee so you never get fearful of the worst!

You can also download software for your Micro Vault MACH, downloads that include File Rescue and x – Pict Story. The latter app allows you to create automated photo presentations using the files stored on the Micro Vault, while the File Rescue app allows you to recover important data that you may have accidentally deleted – like magic! This device is set to be released sometime inside January 2012.