Sony MDR-EX38iP Are Made for Your iPhone and iPod

There's not enough iPod/Touch/iPhone headsets out there, are there? Certainly not. So thankfully we have companies like Sony who will keep pushing them out, to our heart's content. This time around, we've got three different versions of the in-ear buds to go around. The MDR-EX38iP (which is pictured), DR-EX300iP, and the MDR-E10iP.

The earbuds come in either 9mm or 13mm Neodymium driver flavors, depending on what you are looking for. They also come with in-line controls, built-in mics, and in the case of the MDR-EX38iP and MDR-E10iP, you get to choose from two different colors. (White or black.) They may not be the most advanced earbuds on the planet, but we're sure they'll get the job done, especially for those iPhone users out there looking for headsets with built-in mics.

If you're interested in any of the in-ear headsets, only the MDR-EX38iP are available now. The great news is that they only cost $40. That's basically a steal. If you're waiting to see how the others handle themselves out in the real world, you'll have to wait until May. Hopefully they'll have some good prices, too.

[via Sony]