Sony leaks PS Plus August 2021 games and they include cartoon zombies

Sony accidentally leaked its PlayStation Plus game lineup for August 2021, and though the company has already deleted its premature posting, the Internet managed to grab all of the details. The lineup includes three games, according to the leak, only one of which is notable...and it involves cartoon zombies.

Every month, Sony offers a few games for free, but only to customers who have signed up for its PlayStation Plus service. You need this subscription to play online multiplayer games in most cases, which is an extra fee that many still criticize, so the free games are offered as an incentive to soften the blow.

Sony must have been putting together its materials for next month's PS Plus lineup and someone accidentally made it live earlier than expected. Though the website has since reverted to once again show July's lineup, we already know what to expect for next month: adequate, but not terribly exciting games.

What can PS Plus subscribers expect in August 2022?

- Hunter's Arena: Legends

- Tennis World Tour 2

- Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Clearly, the lineup isn't blow-you-away exciting, but the inclusion of the latest Plants vs. Zombies game is worth noting. The game's price has dropped substantially since it was first released in September 2019, making this around a $15 value, depending on whether you'd have acquired the digital or hard copy version of the game.

The other two free titles are less notable. Hunter's Arena: Legends will be available to PlayStation 5 owners in August; it's a battle royale game with solo and trio modes that has players fighting against each other, as well as demons in the mystical world.

Tennis World 2, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like. With this game, which has a digital price of $39.99, gamers get to play as top tennis athletes to increase their rank and boost their careers. Overall, the lineup isn't terrible but also not terribly exciting...unless you like destroying cartoon zombies, that is.