Sony is experimenting with virtual reality games using head-mounted display

I haven't heard or thought of virtual reality in a long time now. I remember back years ago, I tried out a set of virtual reality goggles for computer gamers and they sucked so bad it really turned me off from the tech. With 3D here now I really thought VR was dead. Apparently, Sony thinks differently and is at work on some software that uses VR glasses.

Sony London Studio chief Mick Hocking has said that Sony is working on a couple games that are experimenting with VR interfaces. Back during CES Sony showed off a head-mounted 3D display. I can see this possibly being cool. You could get 3D and have the ability to turn to see what's around you. The downside to the VR goggles I tried back in the day was this ability to turn.

The turning motion was mapped to the mouse look keys and it was so inaccurate that it was impossible to use the tech fluidly. The next issue is if using VR hardware with a PC or console are cables and controllers that can get tangled. I hope if Sony goes the VR path it tries harder to make things work. What do you think? Is VR a tech that should be left in the past?

[via Joystiq]