SONY Introduces flagship Blu-Ray player BDP-S5000ES in Japan

Daniel Lim - Sep 3, 2008, 12:05 pm CDT

First Introduced at IFA 2008, the Sony high end BDP-S5000ES Blu-Ray player makes its appearance to the press during a news conference in Japan today. The Sony’s ES product line (Elevated Standard), is known for superiority component, massive built quality and a huge price tag.

This one is no exception; the BDP-S5000ES uses a high-stability precision drive HD transport mechanism, separate video and audio power circuit with a low-leakage R-Core transformer to reduce electronic and electromagnetic interference. The massive 22lb ultra-rigid frame and beam chassis is designed to diminish physical vibration during playback.

The player supports BD-Live and BonusView so you can get the most of Blu-ray features like secondary audio with PIP, live content, commentaries, special features and multi-angle replays. Like the Sony BDP-S350 and upcoming BDP-S550, it will also feature the PlayStation 3’s XrossMediaBar menu system. Media playback included redbook CD, DVD, AVCHD and supports 7.1 analog outputs with decoding and bit streaming of all High Def audio codecs

On the video side, Sony makes use of HD Reality Enhancer which analyzes the video stream to sharpen edges and reduce film grain continually. It also converts and increases the 8-bit video depth to 14-bit for better color reproduction. To further enhance color tones, Sony uses a unique processing based on human visual sensitivity, Super Bit Mapping, to provide the best video possible over an HDMI connection. Upconverting will be handled by Sony’s in-house Precision Cinema HD Upscale. If your display only takes component input, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s using a high performance 14-bit/297MHz Video D/A converter for superior analogue video output.

Kidney for sale, the Sony BDP-S5000ES will go on sale in Japan in early December for 294,000 Yen (~$2,700).

[via avwatch]

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