Sony hosting phishing site on own server as new hacks identified

Sony isn't having much luck recently. Not only is the PlayStation Network giving the company ongoing headaches, there's now signs of a credit card phishing scam apparently running, live, on one of the company's servers. F-Secure discovered the fake site, at, inviting people to enter all their details for a card they'll never get.

At time of writing the page was still up, though Google's Chrome browser did warn us that it was a reported phishing site. F-Secure has apparently notified Sony, and we're expecting the company to move with reasonable speed to make sure this all gets removed.

Actually figuring out how the pages got onto the servers, however, and what loopholes are being taken advantage of may take longer, and it seems that Sony isn't out of the woods yet when it comes to addressing its security. There are also unconfirmed reports that phishers are sending out fake PSN password reset emails, so do be careful where you click.