Sony HDR-TG1 - it's shiny, still kind of iffy on performance

Akihabra News was lucky enough to have Sony lend them one of their newest HandyCams for review, the HDR-TG1. In Europe it's known as the TG3, but the product is the same, a thin, light, and shiny FullHD digital camcorder.

That means it can record at 1920x1080, which I believe makes it a direct competitor to the Sanyo Xacti HD1000. They guys over at Akihabra haven't had time to review it yet, but initial comments included one regarding the Auto-Focus saying "AF seems a bit too lazy for me,"

For some reason Sony covered up the actual product picture on the box before sending it out, so you don't get to see that. But if you recollect from the previous article I wrote about this camcorder is uses MemoryStick PRO DUO cards and records in AVCHD, which to some would be considered some major downers, however, if you already have a predominant collection of Sony products, this will likely integrate with the rest of those quite seamlessly. Plus, it does apparently come with an 8GB card for it as well as several other cables for connecting it to your TV and/or computer.

[via AkihabraNews]