James Allan Brady - Oct 18, 2007

This thing that looks a lot like a square SFF PC, but its not, it’s a digital photo album. The only problem is the paltry 80GB of storage.

Sure, 80GB could store a good number of photos from your cell phone, but with cameras hitting average ranges between 7 and 10 MP for mere point and shoots, well, 80GB is going to get eaten up pretty quick. And if you are a professional, you are probably really hesitant when it comes to deleting digital photos, which is good; you shouldn’t have to, so why make something like this with only 80GB of storage?

Sure, you can get photos from USB, network, CD/DVD, and a plethora of card formats, which is nice, furthermore you can connect this thing to a TV with and HDMI port. You can even make slideshows and manage your photo library from your TV with the included remote, but $400?

I can’t be alone in feeling the sentiment that a basic backup device for all my photos, with a far larger hard drive, would be sufficient, that way, I could connect to this, copy everything over, then connect to my PC and copy everything over to actually work with it, and then I could delete the photos from my camera, keeping it simple, and giving me backup copies of all of the original photos for if my PC goes down or if I really mess up a photo in Photoshop and accidentally save it.

Sony Announces the HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album [via ohgizmo]

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