Sony handcrafts new CES products in five-minute video

Right before Sony's press conference at CES 2013, they showed off a five-minute video that featured three of their newest products being handcrafted and assembled right in front of our eyes. The company is now making that video available for anyone to watch, not just CES goers. The video features the Xperia Z, the Cybershot RX1, and one of its HandyCam HD camcorders.

The video essentially acted as the countdown timer to the start of the press conference, but it provides five minutes of soothing and relaxing gadget goodness that shows Sony engineers assembling the company's products. Think of it as a reverse teardown of sorts, where they start with all the parts neatly laid out in front of them, and they finish with a completely assembled product.

It definitely gives you an idea of the complexity of circuitry that goes on inside Sony's phones and cameras, and while their products probably aren't assembled by hand like this (but rather in a factory by an assembly line), the video does a great job at showing you how these products get put together.

While five minutes does seem extremely quick to put together something as intricate as a smartphone or camera, there doesn't seem to be any fast-forwarding of the assembly process going on in the video, proving that these engineers know what they're doing, and we're guessing that they've put together devices like this before on several occasions.