Sony God of War iOS game teased in interview

Mark Raby - Mar 20, 2012
Sony God of War iOS game teased in interview

Sony Santa Monica Studio senior director of product development Shannon Studstill recently hinted that the studio’s critically acclaimed God of War franchise may one day be expanding its horizon to beyond Sony platforms. Specifically, the hot-selling shooter franchise might be coming to the iPhone and/or iPad, but with a lot of stress on that word “might.” All that was said was basically that the studio isn’t ruling it out just yet.

Sony has shown an interest in mobile gaming, with the offer of licensing smartphones to be “PlayStation Certified” and the addition of Sony-published games to closed Android app storefronts. In addition, Sony Electronics has created its own Android tablets. So it would make sense for Sony’s gaming divisions to start considering a broader scope of distribution. So in an interview, Studstill said the company needs to look at “all opportunities.”

On the subject of releasing a game on iOS, she said, “It doesn’t mean we’ll go there, but there’s certainly reason to talk about it.” This came in the same breath as saying that a God of War PlayStation Vita game was also a possibility, and probably a more likely one. As mentioned, Sony seems more interested in Android, but any good business model would realize that most mobile gaming revenue right now is coming from the iPad and iPhone.

[via IGN]

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