Sony gets greener DVD packaging

Sony has decided to take a step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly. They've just announced that their DVD and Blu-ray packaging will start to slim down and make a goal of using less resources to contain their products.

Most movies come in larger plastic cases with cardboard sleeves over them these days. But this is just plain wasteful. Starting immediately, Sony will use 80% of the plastic that is currently used. That's a significant cut back. Plus, the box art will be made from recycled paper. The plastic wrap will not be as thick and the cardboard sleeve will be nixed altogether.

With less packaging materials, it will also cut fuel and resources used to ship the products to stores, saving the company money. The first Sony movie to have the honor of being green is "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" as you could no doubt tell from the picture to the right.

[via Gadgetell]