Sony flagship headphones mimic audiophile speakers for the out-of-ear experience

Despite looking suspiciously like the sort of headset you'd be required to wear while undergoing electro-convulsive therapy, Sony insist that their PFR-V1 'Personal Field Speakers' are in fact the best way to enjoy "audiophile grade front-facing speakers".  Surprisingly large 21mm drivers seperate out the bass from the mid/treble, funneling the former via bass-reflex ducts directly into your ears, while the latter is projected from the spherical mini-speakers.

The result is – apparently – extended frequency playback ranging from 35Hz to 25kHz, 93dB/mW sensitivity and flagship performance.  So they should, really, priced at a whopping $539!

Not much time to save, though; the AAA-powered set (which lasts for around 45hrs on a couple of cells) will be available from October 10th.

AudioCubes [via Uncrate]