Sony files for trademark on PS Vita logo in EU

We all know that Sony is hard at work on a new portable game console to replace the PSP that hasn't sold well. The code name for the new console was NGP and the device is expected to get official for the first time at E3 this week. I mentioned last week that the source code on the PlayStation site had listed a couple occurrences of the PS Vita name, which is thought to be the official name for the NGP when it lands.

Friday, Sony filed for a trademark on the PS Vita logo in the EU. The filing is confirmation that Sony is using the PS Vita name for something. The odds of the name being anything other than the official name for the NGP are slim. Sony Computer Entertainment also filed for the PlayStation Vita trademark as well.

Joystiq reports that neither of the trademark apps spells out exactly what the name will be used for. The applications point to a range of uses, though handheld gaming is specifically pointed out in the application. The Sony E3 conference is tomorrow night and we reckon the official name will be offered then.

[via Joystiq]