Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness launches in America

You might recall that cool Xperia Pureness mobile phone that was unveiled for the UK with the clear screen back in September. The handset was to cost £530 in the UK equating to about $881. The handset is now coming to America.

The Sony Ericsson Pureness will be sold in the U.S. via Saks fifth Avenue online and via the Sony VIP Shopping Service via email. The device gets its price pumped up to the tune of $990 here in America. Other than a price increase, the handset is like the UK version feature wise.

It will be bundled with the Pureness concierge service that allows owners access to "lifestyle requests" 24 hours per day in cities around the world. The device looks cool enough, but all it really has going for it is that see through LCD. Oddly, the press release about the handset doesn't mention what networks the phone works with.