Sony Ericsson Says Smartphones Sole Focus In 2012

Sony Ericsson offered up the quarterly earnings report (PDF) for Q3 2011 today and the numbers aren't the most interesting thing to come out of the results. The numbers clearly show that Sony Ericsson is seeing sales slip away as the number of units shipped has dropped compared to last year. In Q3 2011 SE shipped 9.5 million units compared to Q3 2010 when it shipped 10.4 million units.

The Q3 shipment numbers are up significantly from Q2 2011 though, in Q2 SE shipped 7.6 million units. The average selling price in Q3 2011 is up as well at 166 euro compared to 154 euro in Q3 2010. In Q2 2011 SE reported a significant loss of -37 million euro. That has turned into a 38 million euro gain with an operating margin of 2%. SE CEO Bert Nordberg announced that the more than 80% of the devices that SE sold were smartphones.

This is where the most interesting part of the investors chat came in. SE will shift its entire portfolio to smartphones in 2012. That means no more feature phones or other devices from SE after this year. SE thinks that its share of the Android Market is 12% in volume and 11% in value.