Sony Ericsson Plan 2011 Windows Phone 7 Push

Sony Ericsson managed to post a profit this past quarter, largely because of their Android efforts, but the company is also looking to Windows Phone 7 to further feather their nest.  CEO Bert Nordberg confirmed Sony Ericsson's Microsoft intentions during the company's financial call, though failed to give any specific details beyond a 2011 expected launch window.  Sales overall were €1.6bn, with net income of €48m ($68.8m).

According to Nordberg, Sony Ericsson believes it currently has around 19-percent of Android segment revenue, and is focusing on smartphones rather than featurephones which Nordberg sees as in "decline".  Meanwhile conservative production numbers left the company with relatively small amounts of unsold stock, and allowed them to avoid wasteful "fire sales" to clear warehouse shelves, says sales chief Kristian Tear.

[via WMPowerUser]