Sony Ericsson Nypon LT22i Android smartphone leaks

If you are a fan of leaks of smartphones that aren't released yet a new Sony Ericson smartphone called the Nypon or LT22i has surfaced in pics. This is obviously an early test unit since we are seeing a screen with a big circuit board on the back. Still, we are suckers for naked leaked smartphones around here. This device is thought to be a next generation Android smartphone for Sony Ericsson.

Rumored specs for the device include a 960 x 540 resolution qHD display and according to at least one source the processor under the hood is the NovaThor U8500. That processor is a 1GHz dual core unit capable of supporting 1080p video recording and more.

The device will have HDMI and USB and can support smartphone cameras up to 20-megapixels. That USB support will be interesting since that would open the door to using real game controllers and external keyboards on the smartphone. There are also videos of test board running that processor below for you to peruse.

[via Recombu]