Sony Dual Shock 3 - It's like a SIXAXIS, only with rumble!

How long has the PS3 been out now? Well, it's been out long enough, and the people have been crying out for something. Well, other than lower prices and better games. They've been wanting rumble. Finally, after all of the rumors and speculation, it's official, it's coming.

During the Tokyo Game Show, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai confirmed that they would in fact be releasing a the Dual Shock 3. It looks pretty much identical to the current SIXAXIS controller, only now it will have that rumbling sensation that we all know and love.

Don't rush out and look for these just yet. They'll be hitting Japan in November, while the US and Europe won't be seeing it in time for the holidays. Look for it sometime in early 2008.

PS3 rumble controller now official [via crave]