Sony Drops price of PS3 Dev Kit

I take that back, they didn't just drop the price, they cut it in half. No you probably can't have one, because even at half the cost it was, its still over ten grand.

Technically its called the PlayStation 3 Reference Tool, but basically it's a PS3 in a more malleable, more computer-like design, and there is probably an SDK thrown in as well as some sore of debugger. Should you decide that you absolutely must have one, you too can now pony up the $10250 to get one.

Sony has already dropped the price of the actual gaming system making it accessible for those that were just waiting for a price drop to buy. Now they appear to be dropping the dev kit price to increase the number and types of games for the system possibly in an effort to get games made for the system for those that are waiting on some good games for the system before they buy.

Sony halves PS3 dev kit prices to shore up support [via electronista]