Sony drops new flash based Vaio notebook

James Allan Brady - Nov 28, 2007

This new notebook, well it looks amazing, and the spec sheet, even better. Get this, it weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces, that means the Happy Meal you just picked up at McDonalds for your kid probably weighs more.

Furthermore, it has the 32GB SSD drive, which keeps things cool, low power, and faster than a standard laptop HDD. It has a Centrino Duo processor to boot, and thanks in part to the SSD drive, a 5 hour battery life when in power save mode.

There are two downsides, the first being access to a mere 32GB of storage, that was so 5 years ago, literally. The second, the $3100 price tag, I can get a MacBook, throw an SSD drive in it, it could even be a larger, and pricier 64GB SSD drive, and still have a cheaper lightweight, notebook with more storage and close to the same battery life for a lot less.

Sony’s Flash HD Vaio: hot, but not a cheap date [via CrunchGear]

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