Sony DMX-WL1T: Sony’s first WHDI device

Emily Price - Aug 15, 2008, 8:41 am CDT
Sony DMX-WL1T: Sony’s first WHDI device

We’re finding out more details about the Sony DMX-WL1t, the companies first WHDI device to transmit video wirelessly in your home. The device first showed up in January at CES, and is making another appearance now, but now with more details.

The DMX-WL1T will have four HDMI inputs, a stereo analog input, a digital audio input, and a component input. The system will have the ability to transmit uncompressed 1080i video and audio to any BRAVIA HDTV with Sony DMex compatibility. The device reportedly has a transmission range over 100 feet, so you could hook everything up in one room, and then play it onto a television in another.

As someone who has cables running all over their house, I’m pretty excited this technology is becoming available. My only gripe is that the device (much like other Sony products) is only going to work with Sony TV’s, so if you want to use it you’re going to wither have to have one or shell out the cash for a new TV.

[via SonyInsider]

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