Sony discusses Gaikai cloud gaming

Sony plans for the PlayStation network to be one of the fastest, most powerful networks available. It has enhanced social play immensely, with one example being a notification feature that notifies you whenever someone on your PlayStation Network friends list purchases a new game. It has also announced that it has huge plans for Gaikai, and its cloud-gaming services, and that it will change the future of PlayStation games altogether.

With cloud-gaming, and Gaikai, Sony will allow you to experience any game that you want. It allows players to try out games without having to purchase it first. This way you're able to test out the game and see if you like it before you spend your hard-earned cash on it. Sony's take on it is that they want players to "only pay for games that they fall in love with."

Sony's vision for Gaikai is very game-changing. It said that there are many titles available in the PlayStation 3 category, and even discussed the amount of titles available for the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable devices. It's vision is that one day, through Gaikai, all of these games will be available through the cloud, and be compatible with the PlayStation 4. This will "change the nature of longevity." This not only confirms that the PlayStation 3 titles will be backwards compatible (not natively) with the PlayStation 4, but games from the older PlayStations as well.

The Gaikai Cloud Gaming service is still in-progress, and Sony says that its availability will be distributed in stages. Gaikai is revolutionary, with Sony believing it to be an investment in its players. It says that there are millions of players who would love to have all of their PlayStation games, from the past, present, and in the future to be available to them in at any given time.