Sony demos AR and dynamic lighting technology with PlayStation 4

A couple of videos released by Sony Japan showcases PlayStation 4 doing great Augmented Reality and lighting simulations. It's the kind of technology that appeals to gamers across the board and caters to craze of virtual reality. From what we know at the moment, it is safe to presume that the AR lighting technology is developed using the PlayStation 4 camera.

The first video shows a man holding two squares, which transforms to fishbowls on the screen, with a cute duck in it. To get into the groove, he continues to pour the water from one square to the other. It's interesting to see how details like water splashing onto the floor or into the other bowl have been treated. The best part is when he empties the entire contents onto the floor and the bowl refills automatically.

The second video is about a person moving a flashlight around and over a dinosaur. A while later the focus is on the Japanese character Hatsune Miku. Basically the point of this video is to showcase how a shadow created on the on-screen floor moves, based on the position of the light and the character.

Although there is no accompanying video for this last bit of demo, it is intriguing to learn about the PS4 trading card recognition technology. This stand-alone shot represents how you can play a card quickly and subsequently it plays music and reacts to the game. Sony has not yet expanded upon the purpose behind the exercise of augmented reality gaming technology, however it is an angle being explored by Microsoft and the likes. We have our eye on this story, and will keep you posted.

Source: NeoGAF