Sony de-crappifies your PC before shipping it to you - charges $50 for it

So you know how every time you buy a new computer the first thing you have to do is either reformat with the version of Windows or Linux that you really want on it or go through the long and tedious process of removing all the junk from the pre-installed OS? Well Sony is more or less offering to do that for you now.

Currently it's only an option on the TZ2000 and they are charging $50 for it. Now, if you aren't computer savvy enough to do it yourself, it is absolutely worth the $50 especially with as much crap as usually comes on Sony computers. On the other hand, if you can do it yourself, save $50 and do it yourself.

Chances are if it's a success on this model and enough people take advantage of it, they'll probably roll it out across the board. Or you could just go buy any one of the numerous Linux computers/notebooks out there that don't come with any of the junk Windows PCs do.

[via engadget]