Sony CP-W5 wireless charger has its own battery

Sony has rolled out its first wireless charger. It's similar to others on the market in that it lets you connect the charge plate to an outlet and then flop your smartphone down on it to charge without wires. It does have something in it that you don't find on your typical wireless charger.

That interesting bit of tech that sets the Sony CP-W5 apart is that it has its own internal battery in the charge plate. The battery is a 5000mAh unit and the idea is that when you have it connected to an outlet at home or in the office the internal battery charges.

You can then take the charge plate with you on the road and use that large internal battery to keep your device topped off when you aren't close to an outlet. Sony says that the battery it uses inside the CP-W5 can maintain 90% of its capacity after 1000 charge cycles.

The charge plate is able to deliver 1.0A of power when being used on battery or 1.5A when used connected to the wall. You might be thinking that since this is a Sony product, it will only work with Xperia smartphones. This is a Qi device so it will work with any smartphone or device supporting that standard. It's unclear how much the charging device will cost, but it should land next month.

SOURCE: Android Community