Sony confirms a key feature for PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

Yesterday, Sony made a big reveal, showing us the PlayStation 5's controller for the first time. While we expected this controller to follow the naming scheme Sony has stuck to since the days of the PlayStation 1, the company instead announced a different name for the gamepad, referring to it as DualSense instead of DualShock.

When Sony revealed the DualSense yesterday, it published a few different images of the controller. These images showed off the DualSense from a few different angles, but it didn't show all of them. This led some curious prospective buyers to Twitter, where they asked PlayStation product manager Toshimasa Aoki if the DualSense controller would have a rather important feature: An audio jack.

Thankfully, Aoki has confirmed that the DualSense will still have an audio jack, just like the DualShock 4 did, meaning that you'll be able to connect a headset to the controller to chat with your friends.

As revealed yesterday, the DualSense controller keeps the touchpad found on the DualShock 4 but moves the light bar; while the light bar used to be on the top of the controller, it now flanks the touch pad on both sides, putting it in a better place for players to actually see it. Sony has also confirmed that the DualSense controller will employ haptic feedback, which promises a range of sensations depending on what kind of game you're playing.

Sony says that is has gone through hundreds of mockups to get to this point, so we'll see if it was all worth it when the PlayStation 5 launches later this year and we can finally get our hands on the controller. We're still waiting on the company to reveal the actual PlayStation 5, but with the DualSense now out in the open, here's hoping that reveal is on the horizon.