Sony compact Alpha DSLR concept test-bed for new snap-on lens system?

Sony's new concept "interchangeable lens compact camera" for PMA 2010 this week may be catching glances for its small body size and possible indication that the company are planning a jump into the Micro Four Thirds market, but according to Amateur Photographer the really interesting part might be the lens mount itself.  They were closely watching Masashi Imamura, Sony's President of Personal Imaging and Sound Business Group at the company's press launch, and he removed the re-attached the concept Alpha DSLR's lens with none of the usual twisting.

In fact when they checked the concept more closely, they found none of the threading you'd usually see for attaching a lens.  Instead there's what looks to be a lens-release button, suggesting Sony may have used some sort of magnetic mounting system.  AP reckon that would fit in with the novice target market Sony are believed to be aiming the concept at – though Sony representatives themselves wouldn't confirm or deny anything – though of course it would also mean that you'd be limited to Sony's compatible magnetic-fit lenses.