Sony CEO takes potshots at "burning" iPads

It's not just accidentally confirming that Apple is using Sony CMOS sensors, presumably for the iPhone 5, that CEO Howard Stringer has been doing; the outspoken exec also spent some time taking pot-shots at his rivals. On stage with the WSJ's Walt Mossberg at an event earlier this week, Stringer cautioned an iPad owner in the audience to "be careful it doesn't burn you if you wave it around" in what was seemingly a bizarre reference to Apple devices overheating.

As the for iPhone and iPad CMOS components, Stringer feigned bemusement as to why the Japanese company would empower Apple's products. "Why would I make Apple the best camera?" he pondered, suggesting that the irony "always puzzles me."

Unsurprisingly, the implications of Stringer's supply suggestions have met with stony Sony silence. A company spokesperson declined to comment, while Apple couldn't be reached for comment.